The Heine Snow Tools winch works great for urban snowboarding. Now you can snowboard anywhere, no hill needed to get that speed for any jump or jib (such as wallrides, handrails, gap jumps,etc). Plus this winch is great for wake boarding, wake skating and even ocean surfing.

The Heine Snow Tools winch allows you to have instant acceleration from speeds up to 45 mph (variable speed throttle).

The Heine Snow Tools specs:

Optional 6 or 13 hp Honda or Subaru motor
Go-cart Hydraulic brake for quick and easy stops
600 Foot of the highest quality 100% non-stretch Dyneema rope (this line is specifically designed for winching).
Wakeboard handle
2 inch tow bar connection to secure winch to your car/truck
Optional aluminum travel box

2 1/2 Foot stakes for securing winch into the ground
Handles for easy transportation
Two 8 inch tires for easy moving around
Spool can hold up to 2,000 ft of rope
Aluminum frame
Weight of winch 150 lbs
Allows deepwater starts for wakeboarding
Motorcycle throttle

This winch comes with everything you need (nothing left out).

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